Membership FAQs

I’ve just renewed my Membership for the year, what happens to that now?

Your membership will stay the same but when it expires next year you will need to sign up to the Bronze package as a minimum to renew. All annual memberships will expire on October 21st 2019; you can of course upgrade sooner to whichever level you feel most appropriate for your budget. Email for help to achieve this.

Why are you removing the Junior, Concession and Family Membership options?

Junior – There is little reward to a Junior Member as they have to be 16 to vote on Trust matters, the only perk is the priority ticket for premium games. The club will be launching Clwb Spytty from October 1st which will replace the Trust membership but is a more attractive package for children 12 and under

Concession – There is no real reason to have a concession for people of a certain age as they receive the same benefits as everyone else as a supporter sharing ownership in a Football League Club

Family – There was some confusion over the benefits of a family package as the number of children in the family wasn’t really considered; this caused issues when it came to premium ticket priority and the numbers allowed on that scheme. For clarity, having individual memberships makes more sense and also ensures if a couple sign up they both receive the benfits.

I don’t want to pay by Direct Debit, can I pay by cash or cheque?

From October 5th this year there will be a Trust Volunteer in the club shop every Friday to take cash or cheque payments; these can be paid every month or if you prefer pay your year in advance

I seem to have two payments going out in the same month; why is this?

When setting up automatic payments it appears some members have set up a couple, either duplicating a payment through a different method (PayPal & GoGardless) or forgetting the original was set up already. We are working to identify all those who have been affected by it but would ask you to check your bank statements and get in touch via for us to help change this. The easiest thing to do is cancel both payments yourself and start again.

I am currently on Rewards & Benefits; do I need to change my membership?

Over the next month we will automatically change your membership to the equivalent level under the new schemes, for instance someone paying £10 a month will now become a Silver Member. You can of course upgrade your membership if you like.

I wish to pay my monthly amounts by a different method than I do currently, which is the best method?

The easiest way is by setting up a Direct Debit by GoCardless, to do this go to

I like to use PayPal for my payments but I’ve heard there’s a charge for this?

That is correct, the Supporters Trust pay a fee to receive your money through PayPal and therefore don’t receive 100% of your donation; that is why over the next year we will be contacting people to ask them to and help them change their method of payment.

Why is there a separate package for exiled supporters?

This has been developed off the back of a proposal a few years ago. It will help us grow our cubs brand abroad and the benefits are more suited to those now living outside of the UK; receiving exclusive content to keep them in touch with the recent events at the club along with their own exclusive logo and clothing to wear with pride.

Why has the Corporate Membership skyrocketed in price?

We have considerably built on the existing package available to companies that wish to support us; it gives them a taster of the commercial opportunities available at Newport County AFC whilst delivering benefits that could suit their organisations profile in the community and their market.

I think my details may be out of date, could you update them please?

Yes, we can although you can do this yourself at If you do not have the access to do this, please make contact with us at and we will action this for you.

I have never received my Rewards and Benefit card; how do I get this?

The R&B programme will be replaced by the Silver Membership and above. We will be sourcing new cards and rolling them out to everyone on an appropriate scheme; until you receive yours please continue using your Amber Loyalty card. Those that have signed up but never received anything please inform us on and we will get a temporary card to you for the meantime. The new cards will be multipurpose for access to exclusive discounts and offers.

There is a lot of information and I would like to actually speak to someone, how can I do this?

Starting next week, Cambridge United, there will be at least one Trust elected director and a volunteer from the membership working group available to discuss anything Trust related along with your membership and other ways you can help the club out. This will be AT LEAST once a month although we aim to be available every home fixture. In addition, we now have our own page in the matchday programme and are building our social media presence; feel free to contact us via these methods to arrange a chat at a time that’s amenable to you. As previously stated you can always reach us on