Meet the director: Joe Crocker

As promised when we announced then outcome of this year's election procedure for the Trust and Club's Board of Directors, we are today publishing the personal statements of each of the four successful nominees submitted as part of the process.


Describe your personal history with, and passion for, Newport County AFC. 

Although I can remember visiting Somerton Park with my school team my first real experience of Newport County AFC was travelling back and forth, with the Supporters’ Club, to home and away games in the AFC inaugural season.

I left Newport in my late teens to join the RAF and for nearly two decades only made the occasional home or away games per season. 

A few years ago, I volunteered to help out on match days at Rodney Parade. After writing a few match reports for the club website I then took over playing the match-day music and producing the images for the big screen scoreboard. I have also had the honour of covering for Tim Thraves as the match-day announcer on a couple of occasions – yes, that was me with the poor name pronouncing, it’s not an easy job!

More recently I have been helping the Trust as a member of the Trust Support Group and also the Trust Membership Secretary along with producing social media content to try and boost membership figures. Since starting the Secretary role there has been around a 20% increase in membership of the Trust. 

What is your vision for Newport County AFC? 

I am a true believer that a successful club gets results on and off the field. My vision for the club would to be self-sustainable and challenging for promotion on a regular basis.  This will require ambition and a clear new strategy to deliver this success.

A successful and vibrant Trust is key to for this vision. It allows the members to be involved and engaged in ‘their’ club, having real connections and a sense of ownership. 

This vision would also involve the support of local businesses and organisations, both small and large to be part of a successful future. 

The Trust should be at the heart of the club's future.  

What skills and experience would you bring to the Club if elected? 

Following my service in the Royal Air Force I have gained resilience, courage to make and question decisions, teamwork, a practical and measured approach and patience. 

I have experience in leadership and management, education, communications and high-profile project management within a regulated sector. 

I am a proactive person and set myself achievable, but challenging goals. 

I have a solid contact base of different experiences and employments that I could call on to help gain a better understanding of some issues that I may face. 

I would like to bring my organisational development skills to the Trust to make its operating model more relevant and up-to-date. 

What roles might you play in the Club and what difference could you make?  

I will continue to increase the membership figures, learning and responding to members’ suggestions and ideas.

I have brought together a network of people with diverse professional skills including law, technology, communications and sport governance to assist the club and the Trust moving forward.

I still think that communication is key and could be improved; this is something that I would be keen to help with. Being a member of the Trust is a two-way emotional street, it’s not all about what members can get but there should be some tangible benefits of being a member. 

I would like to work with the Board on the engagement with the youth of Newport which I think is also a very important factor, as to preserve our future we need to encourage more to get involved now. 

I am adaptable and a quick learner so would be keen to understand where the Board think my skillset, experience and range of contacts could be utilised most effectively.