NCAFC Trust Board Elections 2017| Voting Opens on the 23rd December

A reminder to all Trust Members that they will be able to vote for the six candidates standing for election to the Board on Saturday 23rd December between 11.00am - 2.45pm. Voting will take place in a designated area halfway between the club shop and the Bisley stand - please look out for signs.


Only Trust members with up-to-date paid memberships will be permitted to vote and they must vote in person. Under no circumstance will members be able to vote on behalf of others.


We expect voting and Rodney Parade to be busy on Saturday and would encourage members to vote as early as possible to avoid queues.

In order to conduct the process as quickly as possible, it would also be helpful if members could provide their membership number when voting.

Please note there will also be an opportunity to vote at the Exeter game on New Year's Day.