New Trust Director: Meet Kelly Anderson

Describe your personal history with, and passion for, Newport County AFC.

My personal history with Newport County AFC started in the previous season thanks to County In The Community, where we participated as a family in a workshop with school. Since then we have been hooked. I love the ethos, pride and passion at the club and my first visit blew me away. Since then our family of five have been engaged in all things County and loved it.

I am delighted to have been volunteering with the club since Easter. Most recently I have been a key player in the organisation and set up of the open event prior to the Chelsea Academy pre-season friendly, recommending and introducing community links to provide season ticket finance, as well as designing the proposal for the Clwb Spytty members this season, which I am delighted to be taking the lead on.

My passion lies with engaging the community in Newport County and building the future generation of fans. I want Newport County to be at the heart of the community in Newport. I love the great things that are happening in this fantastic club and would love to be part of moving it forward and shaping its business future.

What is your vision for Newport County AFC?

Newport is a city on the rise and so is Newport County, so we need to capitalise on that and not lose momentum. It is vital that the club remains a business that focuses on financial stability without being dependent on FA Cup runs and promotion possibilities. There are two key areas that can secure that, which is through commercial and community. I would love to work towards securing a strong network of local businesses that are engaged and able to contribute to our club financially, as well as community events and social media to raise the profile of all the amazing things that happen away from the pitch to engage new fans. I want to see Trust membership increase, as well as the club shop continue to increase profit through stock availability and new avenues of purchasing with the introduction of KPIs and stock management.

I have already started developing links with a charity that will support our younger fans with increasing assertiveness and resilience, but also developing a plan for our academy team that they have successfully already placed into West Ham, supporting with all aspects of wellbeing and transition phases in football.

What skills and experience would you bring to the Club if elected?

I have lived in Newport for all my life and certainly understand the challenges within the demographic around us, and the impact that we could have as a club.

My working life has included running very successful retail and lifestyle businesses over the last 15 years as an Area Manager, with teams of 100+. Through community events, word of mouth and social media I have successfully gained the first £1 million cosmetics account in the UK for a well known brand, without a penny spent on advertising and mentored many in their professional development.

I am a very resilient and proactive person, someone who loves to plan ahead and communicates well with people on all levels. I am not afraid of riding the storms, and know that I would absolutely thrive on the challenges that the role may bring, including making tough and challenging decisions. Highly organized, an approachable people person. I will leave no stone unturned to ensure that this business continues to thrive. I have a huge passion for this club and would love to be a great ambassador for NCAFC.

What roles might you play in the Club and what difference could you make?

I am flexible in my approach to which role I could play in the club as I believe that I have many strengths and can adapt to any role.

I am a person who will support yet challenge, that will always look at the bigger picture and am innovative. I am a sleeves-up and get stuck in person, be that supporting with a role at Head Office, to speaking at a press conference and addressing the press, to cleaning the training base.

I am quietly determined, competitive, confident and focused.

My passion though does lie within the community and building the next generation of fans and financial stability, and this is where I believe that my skillset can truly add value to guarantee the success of the club both on and off the pitch.