Despite not having a home game the contributions have still been flooding in. The share surgeries have proved an enormous success and given not only an opportunity for supporters to come and acquire shares, it has also been a great platform for the Trust Board to meet those fans who are willing to offer their hard earned money to help meet the ambition of becoming supporter owned.

For that the Trust Board is extremely grateful.

So the running total is £170k with 3 days to go, so we need one final push.

If you are still pondering whether your contribution is required the simple answer is YES. If you needed any help in making that decision please click on the link and listen to the montage video put together by Chris from the County Choir on our website

The Trust Board will be holding a number of share surgeries again this week

•Date:   Monday 28/09/15

•Venue: Rodney Parade - Club Shop

•Time: 18.30 - 20.30

•Date: Tuesday 29/09/15

•Venue: Rodney Parade - Snelling Bar and Bisley Hospitality

•Time: Before the Crawley game

•Date:   Wednesday  30/09/15

•Venue: Rodney Parade - Club Shop

•Time: 18.30 - 20.30

In addition below is a guide to acquiring shares:

Step 1 - Trust Membership - You need to join the Trust - Forms can be downloaded from the website or available at the club

Step 2 - Buying Shares - There is a form that can be downloaded on the website or again you can approach the club

Step 3 - Paying for Shares - This can be undertaken in a variety of ways:

• Electronic transfer

? Sort Code - 56-00-59

? Account Number – 29584264

? Account Name - Newport County AFC Supporters Society Ltd

? Trust membership number needs to be included

•By cheque in person at the club or sending to:

?Newport County AFC Supporters Trust

?C/O Newport County AFC

?Rodney Parade


• South Wales                                     

• NP19 0UU

•By Cash at the club

•Through Paypal on our website

In addition if you don't want to join the Trust or buy shares you can donate by using any of the channels above.

Remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the club to be owned by the supporters.

Your Trust Your Club