Trust Board elections 2019 launched

Newport County AFC Supporters’ Trust is today formally notifying Trust members of the intention to hold elections in August to fill 5 vacant positions on the Supporters Trust Board.

Current elected directors Mike Everett, Shaun Johnson and Gavin Foxall are due to stand down from the Board by rotation at this election although all can stand for re-election should they so wish.

As part of this process we have been working with Colin Everett to put in place a clear timetable for the elections, which is set out below.

In order to ensure the elections run as smoothly as possible, we will be reviewing the membership database and ensuring full compliance with election protocols, again with help and advice from Colin.

It should be remembered that if the number of valid candidates is the same or less than the number of vacancies then they are to be elected unopposed.

Potential candidates must have been fully paid-up members of the Trust as at June 20, 2019. Potential candidates can download nomination and candidate statement forms by clicking the links below.



In order to allow as many Trust members as possible to vote in person there will be the opportunity to vote at both the Mansfield Town and Plymouth Argyle home games.

We will confirm opening times and arrangements for these dates and the details for the election count and announcement of the election results closer to the polling dates.

To be eligible to vote, you must have been a fully paid-up member of the Trust as at June 20, 2019.

There will also be an option to vote by post. Below is a link to apply for a postal or proxy vote. Please note this is only to apply for a postal vote, not to obtain a ballot form. On receipt of a request from a valid Trust member we will send out a unique ballot paper.  Once the ballot paper has been received please follow the instructions for submitting a postal or proxy vote.

To request a postal or proxy vote please follow the link below: 


Please note once you have had a postal vote issued you will not be able to vote in person on polling day. Postal votes will be issued to the address recorded on the membership database. Postal votes must be returned to the official return address by 12 noon on 16th August either by post or by hand. Any postal ballot papers received after that date will be rejected. Postal votes will be issued in the week beginning 29th July.

The cost of postal voting is significant for the club. As a result, please only request a postal vote if you really need one due to the time and cost involved in issuing them.

Election timetable...

20th June          Closing date for Trust membership for qualification to stand for election and to be eligible to vote                            

27th June              Election Timetable announced - Candidate Nomination Forms Request opens

15th July               Closing date for Candidate Nomination Forms submission (5pm)

19th July               Closing date for submission of Supporting Statement (5pm)

22nd July                Publication of List of Candidates and details

29th July                Closing date for applications for Postal and Proxy Votes (5pm)

3rd August

and 17th August         Polling Station Opening Dates

16th August         Closing date for return of Postal Votes (5pm)

17th August                    Election Count

17th August                    Announcement of Election Results