Trust Board Elections 2021

The deadline for nominations from members to stand for election as directors of the Supporters’ Trust Board passed on Thursday, July 1, at 7pm, as detailed in our election launch document dated June 14.

Four positions were available in the election, and four valid nominations were received by the deadline.

This means the four nominees are elected unopposed without the need for members to vote.

Three of the nominees are existing directors who will be known to the membership – Colin Faulkner, Bob Herrin, and Kevin Ward – and the fourth is a new director, Joe Crocker.

Our congratulations to all four members on their election.

All appointments are subject to the nominees meeting the criteria specified in the Election documentation, including the EFL Owners and Directors Test.

The personal statements that were submitted in support of these nominations will be posted on the Trust website shortly for your information.

The Trust Board wishes to thank Colin Everett for his invaluable support and advice during the election process.