Trust statement on membership emails

Following the supporters’ consultation earlier this year, the Trust announced new membership packages at September’s open meeting along with a plan to phase out the old memberships.


The aim was to switch memberships to a rolling monthly plan to increase the amount that Trust members, as the owners, were donating to the club.


This transition involves considerable amount of work to the Trust database and website and yesterday we updated the system to stop any automatic annual renewals to make it easier for members to change once their current annual membership expires.


We have found that some members have not cancelled their annual direct debits with GoCardless and therefore have paid their annual fee in addition to signing up for a new plan, thus potentially paying more over the year.


Also, where some memberships have expired these direct debits have generated new annual memberships that no longer exist. Therefore, to save members from having to cancel their direct debits themselves we have taken the step to cancel all annual direct debits through GoCardless.


We were not aware that this would generate emails to inform members of this, causing unnecessary worry about their memberships just ahead of the sale of priority tickets for the Leicester City FA Cup tie.


We apologise for this. If we had known about the email generation, we would have communicated the work in advance. We are currently working hard to ensure all data is accurate on the database ahead of the priority ticket sales.


Please be assured any email you have received does not affect your current membership, priority tickets or any other benefits you may currently have.  We will be carrying out similar work with PayPal in the future as the Trust does not benefit fully from contributions made in this way.


Anyone who has had their annual membership renewed will be contacted in due course to be offered the opportunity to switch to one of the new plans, with their annual contribution counting toward that membership, or given the option to cancel their membership and obtain a refund. Please note any lapse in membership between the old annual plan and signing up to a new one will result in loss of priority ticket benefit for premium games.


Finally, some Trust members who checked their membership status on the website yesterday saw a message saying their memberships had expired even if they were new packages. This was a system bug will be fixed over the weekend but does not affect memberships. Again, apologies for any unnecessary concern this may have caused.


You can see the new Membership details at and upgrade your current plan online and set up a new monthly direct debit in the process. If you have any questions about switching, please contact us via email at or see us in the Rodney Parade marquee between 1.45pm and 2.45pm on a matchday.