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Congratulations! The £195K target has been exceeded!

A Guide to Buying Shares

Step 1 - Trust Membership - You need to join the Trust - Forms can be downloaded from the website or available at the club

Step 2 - Buying Shares - There is a form that can be downloaded on the website or again you can approach the club

Step 3 - Paying for Shares - This can be undertaken in a variety of ways:

Electronic transfer:
Sort Code - 56-00-59
Account Number - 29584264
Account Name - Newport County AFC Supporters Society Ltd
Trust membership number needs to be included

By cheque in person at the club or sending to:
Newport County AFC Supporters Trust
C/O Newport County AFC
Rodney Parade
South Wales
NP19 0UU

By Cash at the club

Through Paypal on our website

In addition if you don't want to join the Trust or buy shares you can donate by using any of the channels above.

Benefits Package Launched

The trust outlined its approach to funding when it launched the share offer on the 27th.

In essence it is two stage:

  • acquiring shares and this has been well documented
  • benefits package linked to monthly payments

Following research based on others models the monthly payments linked to benefits seems to have worked  very well in other Trusts and we are keen to follow a tried and tested model.

So how are we proposing it works?

  • Monthly direct debit is set up for an amount ranging for £10 to £200 ascending in multiples of £10
  • Commitment needs to be for a full 12 months

What are the benefits?

  • As part of our consultation process we are asking fans what would they like to see?
  • The current ideas includes:
    • Director for a Day
    • Dressing room and stadium tour
    • Pre-season private drinks reception with management team
    • If you have any ideas then please feel free to let us know and we will then take the top 3 most popular suggestions

What will the money be used for?

  • As outlined in our share offer launch any funding will support:
    • Players fund
    • working capital
    • Sustaining the club throughout the season

How do I sign up?

  • You can do this in a variety of ways
    • The trust website has the benefits form available to download
    • Alternatively you can collect a form in the club shop or ticket office
  • When you have completed the form please either
    • email to
    • or hand it in to the club shop or ticket office
    • or send to
      • Newport County AFC Supporters Trust
      • C/O Newport County AFC
      • Rodney Parade
      • Newport
        South Wales                                      
        NP19 0UU

When will my first payment be made?

  • At this stage we are taking pledges from supporters. We will be implementing using GoCardless' software in October when the first payments will be made.

If you have an further questions please send an email to

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