Update from the new Board of Newport County AFC Supporters Trust.

Dear Members

As it is now just over a week since we were elected as Directors of the Supporters’ Trust, we thought current (and hopefully future) members would appreciate an update on what we have been doing to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities from the previous Board.  We will also update on what our immediate priorities will be for the next few weeks and what you can expect from us next.

Firstly, like any new team, we have been getting to know a bit more about each other in various ways.  That includes sharing our personal statements submitted for the election process.  These will be available to view on the “Documents” section of the Trust website.  Please do take a look.  Whilst we might have very different experience and skillsets, it is clear we are united by a burning passion for Newport County and huge enthusiasm to make the Trust a really effective link between the Football Club and its supporters.

On Thursday evening, we held an informative handover session with Bob Herrin and Paul Marks (outgoing Board members) along with Colin Everett (Trust Board Adviser on the transfer of ownership and transition). This gave us insight on the status of ongoing items behind the scenes and upcoming actions required of us as the new Board.

Whilst Paul, Shaun, Bob and Colin are stepping away from their roles following our election to the Board, it is reassuring that they have offered their knowledge and experience going forward should we feel the need to seek their advice at any time. We would like to place on record our thanks to them for their hard work and dedication to the Trust, particularly over the past 18 months.

At our meeting on Thursday, we covered a range of topics, including:

·         Formal appointment date of the new Board (21 June);

·         Non-Board members who provide  support to the  Board with various items, such as managing the membership database, finances and the website; and

·          Key contacts at the Football Supporters Association (FSA) who will make themselves available to us for advice and training.

We have initially identified some immediate areas of focus, which we will be working through in the coming weeks. These include:

·         Assigning roles and areas of responsibility, such as Chair and Secretary;

·         Meeting with Huw Jenkins as a new Trust Board to establish a strong working relationship;

·         Consulting with the Football Club on Trust membership benefits going forward into the new season;

·         Developing policies, including the Transparency Policy in line with the mandate at the recent SGM;

·         Improving communications with Trust members and the wider community, including a refresh of the website; and

·         Setting a date for a forum of all Trust members with the new Board.

We will endeavour to update you regularly on our progress against the above and other emerging priorities as they arise.  Please do contact us via the email link if you have any feedback or questions which you would like to raise.

Finally, thank you for continuing to be a Trust member. Your ongoing support will be critical to helping ensure the ongoing influence and effectiveness of the Trust and the long term success of our great Football Club.


Best wishes, Up The County,


Arnie, Kev, Dug, Nic, Mike and Tony