Meet your new Board of Newport County AFC Supporters Trust.

Rather than clutter up the documents with info, here seems a better place than any for everyone to read our Personal Statements.

Please find within this post links for them:

[The PDF document(s) will open up in a reader of your choice and/or a separate window].

We have also included our current photographs, so that it may be easier for you to recognise the team in the future.


·        Arnie: Andrew Bartlett - Personal Statement


·        Tony: Tony Jermyn - Personal Statement


·        Mike: Mike Everett - Personal Statement


·        Kevin: Kevin Pretlove - Personal Statement


·        Nic: Nic Brown - Personal Statement


·        Dug: Darren Davies - Personal Statement


In addition to providing you with these documents, as promised, we would like to offer all our volunteers and those that work tirelessly behind the scenes, past and present, keeping our beloved club moving, a MASSIVE THANK YOU. You are all very much appreciated.




Dug, Arnie, Kevin, Nic, Tony and Mike.