Supporters' Trust AGM - Further Details

Further to the Supporters’ Trust AGM notice issued earlier today we are pleased to share further details relating to the Members Resolution as proposed by Chris Davis which will be discussed further at the AGM.


 1.       That by the 31 July 2024, a 'Transparency Policy'(this Policy/the Policy) is to be brought into effect.

Explanatory Notes:

Clause 4.2 of the Model Rules requires that the Trust operates transparently. This resolution seeks to direct how this transparency is achieved through a formal Policy.

This resolution does not dictate to the Directors any particular form for this Policy. It is for the Directors to determine the exact scope and wording of the Policy and to implement it within the time frame contained in this resolution. 

In drafting this Policy, it is to be recognised by the Directors that principal requirements of transparency include timely and effective communication and consultation with the members of the Trust. So, in broad terms, what the Policy should be designed to avoid is the creation and development of rumour, speculation etc. that may be negative to the operation of the Trust.