Trust Board elections update

The latest round of elections for positions on the Board of the Newport County AFC Supporters' Trust opened on June 24. The deadline for nominations was 7pm yesterday (Friday, July 8) with six positions being available. 

Only four nominations for the six vacancies were received, which means that the four candidates are elected unopposed without the need for Trust members to cast their vote. 

In line with the Trust constitution, all elected Board members have a time-limited term of office and the Trust holds its elections in cycles. All four nominations were for existing Board members whose current term of office was coming to an end in this cycle.

The four are: 

  • Mike Everett 
  • Gavin Foxall 
  • Shaun Johnson
  • Paul Marks

The four are congratulated on their re-election. 

As all four are serving Board members, who have previously met all of the criteria for directorships in professional football clubs, they can continue in office without any break in service. This will give continuity to the Trust and the Football Club on the eve of a new season.