Trust communications update

Following queries from Trust members, the following explains how we plan to communicate with members from today…



All news items, such as this, and other Trust website updates will generate an automatic email to Trust members (assuming you have provided us with a valid email address).

We recognise there has been some confusion around the generation and receipt of emails as Trust membership has migrated from annual to monthly subscriptions.

When the new monthly membership scheme was announced last November, we cancelled all annual payments via Go Cardless. This was to ensure members who were forgetting to cancel their annual memberships when signing up to the new scheme did not end up being charged twice in the same month.

An unexpected consequence of this was that the cancellation defaulted members on our database to ‘expired’ before they had joined the new monthly scheme. This meant a small number of members stopped receiving emails. Please accept our apologies for this.

From today, we have decided to reactivate all members’ emails until October 31 whether they have renewed their memberships or not. Please note that if your membership expired or is due to expire before October 31, this decision does not mean your membership has been renewed or extended – it simply means you will receive emails from the Trust until that date.

We have chosen October 31 as this is the last date (a year after the launch of monthly subscriptions) when annual memberships can still be valid.

After October 31, anyone wishing to remain a Trust member and receive communications from us must have signed up to the monthly scheme.

If you do not think you are receiving Trust emails, please check your Spam or Junk mailboxes. If there is still a problem, then please contact us here:



As advised at the recent AGM and open meeting we will be holding a series of open forums throughout the season.

All meetings will take place between 7pm and 9pm at Rodney Parade. The meetings will take place on Thursday, September 26; Thursday, January 30; and Thursday, May 21.

In addition to the open forums, we will also be holding a workshop on the Trust Model on Wednesday, September 11, at 7pm at Bar Amber. To attend this, you will need to be a current Trust member.



As explained at the open meeting for supporters on June 27, notes from Supporters’ Trust board meetings will now be published after the next board meeting. For example, notes from the August board meeting will be published after the September board meeting. This is to ensure the minutes from each monthly board meeting (from which the redacted notes for publication are produced) are formally accepted and signed off at the subsequent meeting.

Notes for publication are redacted for reasons of business and commercial confidentiality.



Again, as explained at the June 27 meeting, Trust newsletters will now be produced on a quarterly rather than a monthly basis. The first of these will be available before the end of August with others to follow in November, February and May. The newsletters will be posted on the Trust website and emailed to members.



Finally, Trust members are reminded that the football club's staff are not employed to deal with Trust matters. Any queries related to the Trust should be not be sent to the club but emailed to – the Trust email account is monitored by Trust directors and other volunteers at least once a day.