Why Seren Fach Nursery are proud to Support the Newport County AFC Trust bid

At Seren Fach Nursery we sincerely believe that supporting our local team through ââthick and thinââ is a great character building exercise for children and teaches them the value of loyalty and that life is not just about the elite top teams or some team ââdown the roadââ who happen to be doing well at the time Seren Fach Nursery is proud to be corporate members of the Newport County AFC Supporters Trust and be sponsors of Newport County Football Club Supporting your local team is more than football allegiance; it goes hand in hand with your fellow citizens, your family and even the City of Newport itself. The team puts the City of Newport on the football map. To support your local team is to be a true fan â not a glory hunter! Your local football club offers a collective and symbolic focus for a sense of belonging and pride in a local community. Our company people carriers are emblazoned with the Newport County logo â we are proud to âânail our colours to the mastââ even in these difficult times â weâre there for the long haul! There can be no other team, no matter how frustrated, disappointed or angry we get. As your wedding vows say ââin sickness and in health, for better or worse, till death us do partââ truly ââCounty till I dieââ Letâs all pull together and support the share issue with one ââgoalââ in mind and secure the future of OUR club now and for future generations.